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classic steam bath

Traditional steam bath is warm and wet, closed room in which heat reaches 40 - 50 ° C. The room is visibly foggy by blurred soft steam and humidity, which is 100 percent. Flavoring system creates additional positive emotions through the spreading of pine fragrances, lavender and peppermint in the air. Quiet music in the steam bath creates an unforgettable impression and a sense of peace.

Steam bath is used in procedures for weight loss, improvement of metabolism and the elasticity of muscles. Steam opens pores, cleans the skin and it looks shiny and smooth after the bath. Even in mild muscle injuries, the steam bath has curative effect.

Steam bath has a soft, very pleasant and relaxing effect. Steam bath is well carried by most of people and this is the reason to be pointed as one of the key procedures in the spa therapy. Although due to high humidity, the body sweating is less than in sauna, the healthy and psychological impact of the steam bath is uncomperable.

Steam bath combines well with all treatments in the spa center, but it can be used separately. If you visit it often, the soft and warm steam will shape your body and skin with the same softness will make from you a new more relaxed and in quite different man.


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